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UpMeet makes meetings less hassle with seamless collaboration tools, full custom branding paired with a simplistic design to make calls easy.

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Your meetings, Your way.

Perfect for all teams

From large to small teams, we can help simplify your calls. Host up to 1,000 people.


Have calls where you and your team work best. No more digging for Zoom links.

Tools to get work done

Start collaborating with two clicks. Spin up a shared browser and a whiteboard.

Custom branded experience

Add a custom domain, logo and colours to make your spaces truly unique and yours.

Universal search

Use the command bar to search for messages and files from other platforms.

Fully customisable settings

Enable settings like noise cancellation and background blur to prevent disruptions.

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More collaboration. Less admin.


  Custom Branding

  Simple Design

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Introducing Universal Search

Universal search lets you find thread, messages and files quickly in the app it is in. Just type in the name of what you want and we'll open a new tab with the results.

Breakout Groups

Have breakout sessions to maximise collaboration and networking between partcipants with a few clicks. Auto assign rooms or manually make groups.

Custom Branding

Make your spaces your own with your logo and brand colours. You can even embed your calls into your website for a fully whitelabel experience.

UpMeet AI here to help

Have a chat with AI to get answers to questions or create templates like SOP's to collaborate with your team with on calls.

14 Languages

UpMeet auto-detects partcipants language setting and sets the UpMeet UI to that language so meeting controls aren't hard to navigate.

Add Calls to ClickUp

Add a fully working meetings to ClickUp Lists, Dashboards and Whiteboards. No more digging for Zoom links, just click and join!



Live captions use transcription to show what is being said by all partcipants in that moment.



Use local recordings to get a capture of your call or use cloud recordings and share a link.


Noise Cancellation

Use our built-in noise cancellation feature. One click and block unwanted background noise.


Seamless Space Management

With our dashboard, you can easily create and manage spaces for access control and flexibility. Access recordings and analytics of your account effortlessly.

How is UpMeet better than the rest?


You can use UpMeet with your branding, your website and in the apps you work best in so you never have to find a link again.

100% Uptime

Meetings not been disrupted by outages so you can trust that your calls are always reliable. Go to

17x cheaper
than Zoom

5 Users on Zoom is $1,250* yearly with half the features* of UpMeet. Stop overpaying and invest in other parts of your business or life.

* Have 500 spaces (rooms) and more features for £60/month GBP = £720/year GBP compared to Zoom.
We may not have all features that Zoom plans do.

The comfort of privacy.

At UpMeet, we take your privacy and security seriously. We understand the importance of protecting your confidential information during calls, which is why we have implemented various privacy measures.

Learn more about privacy in UpMeet →

Don't settle for hassle calls. Try UpMeet.

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